A Quilt Along, My Life

Moda Signature Quilt Along – Day 11

I finally decided which block would be my 30th block.

Day 11

I thought this block would make a nice finish.


Block 21 signed by Mary Jane.

Now I have no excuses not to complete my quilt top,

unless you count that Quilt Market is just a little over 2 months away, yikes!

Time to quit messing around, having fun

and get back to work!!!

Finishing instructions are on Moda’s blog.

At first I was thinking all those 9 patches would be a bit much,

but then I realized I have about half of each of the half yard cuts left that I started with.

Now I’m thinking perhaps they would make nice 9 patch sashing around these beautiful blocks.

I have time to think on that one.

Until next time,


A Quilt Along, My Life

Moda Signature Quilt Along – Day 10


I barely got the blocks done today.

Let’s see if I can get them posted here while it’s still Saturday!

Day 10

Day 10 Blocks…

Day 10-block1AneelaHoey

Block 1 by Aneela Hoey.

This block took me a little extra time.

Once I started sewing I wanted to keep the fabrics all going the same direction

so I went back a re-cut some of the pieces.

It was worth the extra time I think.

Day10-block 3 American Jane

Block 3 by American Jane.

This is the first time I’ve ever sewn this “Peaky & Spike” block

(as it was known back in the day, not sure it’s current name).

I had to peek at the front of the block after sewing each seam with just one eye,

kind of like how we watch scary movies!

I’m impressed with myself, I didn’t re-sew any of the seams!

Day 10-block 8 LilyAshbury

Block 8 by Lily Ashbury.

This is the only block that I didn’t use just 3 fabrics like the instructions called for.

I already had 4 squares cut of the pink and decided to use them for the corners.

Now to decide what my last block will be.

Since one day last week only had 2 blocks, I need one more.

We’ll just all have to wait & see.

Until next time,


My Life

Moda Signature Quilt Along – Day 9

Day 9, just one more day…

Day 9

This first block is a cute heart block.

Day 9 block 31 V & CoBlock 31 by V and Co.

When I finished the first two steps I thought the 1-1/2″ squares were too small,

but then when I looked at the illustrations closer,

I realized the top of the heart would be cut off when you sew it into the quilt (on purpose).

Usually with this flying geese step, you have 1/4″ to edge of block,

but not this time.

don’t be fooled!

Day 9 block 29 Stephanie Ryan

Block 29 by Stephanie Ryan

Day 9 block 17 Sweetwater

Block 17 by Sweetwater

Day 9, check!

Until next time,


A Quilt Along, My Life

Moda Signature Quilt Along – Day 8

It seems like I was just here,

but it has been such fun!!!

Day 8

These are the blocks for Day 8.

Day 8-Block 9SandyGervais

Block #9 by Sandy Gervais

I like the added dimension that the pink stripe fabric gave this block.

I decided to turn every other block to change the direction of the stripes.

I couldn’t help but notice that Sandy did not put the cross pieces in her circles, wonder why…

Day 8 block 9 error

There is a mistake in this pattern.

When you go to slice segments off the strip set, you should cut them 1-3/4″ (not 3-3/4″).

Easy mistake, 3-3/4″ is the width of the strip set.

Fortunately I was concentrating when I got to this step.

Not my favorite block in the sewing, but the finished product I think is stunning.

As a tip, I used my walking foot to sew the squares together to finish the block.

The circles are a bit bulky to sew over.

With my regular foot the fabric wanted to slide to the side.

The walking foot sewed right over the bulky portions & kept my seams straight.

Day 8 Minick & Simpson

Block #2 by Minick & Simpson

I sewed this one yesterday on my featherweight machine.

See the accuracy of those points?

 I’m going to keep my featherweight out and use it more often, it was fun!

Day 8-block 23 Pat Sloan

Block #23 by Pat Sloan

This block was easy & fun, my two favorite adverbs when sewing.

I’m accumulating quite a stack of beautiful blocks here.

Until next time,


A Quilt Along, My Life

Moda Signature Quilt Along – Day 7

Moving right along into Day 7…

Day 7

These are the blocks of the day.

I’ve been out of town for a few days

and I took one of my featherweight sewing machines

and these blocks to work on.

The weather in mid-Eastern Illinois wasn’t forecasted to be very nice,

so just in case I was snowed in, or if I got the chance to sew I could.

Since I don’t sew on my featherweight machines very often,

I kind of have to re-teach myself to use them.

You know, where is that pesky scant 1/4″?

How do I rewind a bobbin if heaven forbid I run out?

Imagine my surprise when I got done with this square-in-a-square and it looked like this:

Day 7block 4 progress


I can’t say this for all of my sewing all of the time, for sure.

I was very pleased with this progress however.

I also found it very nice that the pattern actually told me what size this piece was supposed to measure at this point, thank-you!

Day 7-Block 4 PrimitiveGatherings

Block #4 by Primitive Gatherings.

This block turned out so nice…I love it!

Day 7-Block 19 Me&MySister

Block #19 by Me & My Sister.

This block was a breeze too.

I wouldn’t mind making more of these either.

Day 7-Block 13 MalkaDubrawsky

Block #13 by Malka Dubrawsky.

Looks pretty good from here, but…

I had to re-sew two of the seams, one of them twice to make it satisfactory to me.

I had to laugh when I was pressing it and trimming the threads before I photographed it.

It reminded me of a funny story that my MIL & husband tell of my SIL and her 4-H pancakes.

Anyone take “Milk & Eggs in Your Meals” for a 4-H project?

Back in the day, for the show, you had to make 3 pancakes EXACTLY the same size and present them on a plate to the judges.

They would critique them for size, color and of course they got to taste them too…

(how many COLD pancakes they must have had to taste that day, yuk!)

and then you were awarded a ribbon.

Well, that morning was very stressful to say the least, said SIL could not get 3 pancakes the same size to save her life, so she got out a pair of scissors and trimmed away the excess!

I can’t image the judges didn’t notice cut edges and I never did hear what color the ribbon was for those pancakes, but it makes everyone laugh whenever we are reminded of it!

This is what I thought of while I was trimming the threads.

Too bad I didn’t think of the pancake story before I ripped out those seams.

I probably could have saved myself some time and just trimmed something instead.

Hopefully yours will go together more smoothly, but if not…

Until next time,


A Quilt Along

Moda Signature Quilt Along- Day 5

Another day, three more blocks…

Day 5

I’m really enjoying the three blocks a day.

It doesn’t hurt that they are cute little blocks, that are mostly blocks that I’ve not made before.

In particular, I’ve never appliqued a block before that was raw edge appliqued with no fusible web.

So far I’ve made two different blocks that way.

Day 5-block 18 French GeneralThis is block #18  by French General.

The other block was block #20 by Zen Chic.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to do this Quilt Along.

I’m sewing blocks I never would have made otherwise.

Day 5-block 5 Kansas Troubles

This is block #5 by Kansas Troubles Quilters.

Cute little bowties.


Day 5-block 10 Kate Spain

Block #10 by Kate Spain.

I really like the fabrics that I chose for this one.

They make the block very eye appealing.

Well, that’s week #1 under our belts.

We’re half done.

We can take a break now.

No new blocks until Monday.

Or if you’ve not started yet, you have the whole weekend to get caught up with the fourteen blocks that I’ve already made!

Until next time,


A Quilt Along, My Life

Moda Signature Quilt Along-Day 4

Moving right along here…

day 4

Day 4 only resulted in two patterns.

Day 4-block 15 Fig Tree Quilts

Block 15 by Fig Tree Quilts.

Day 4-block 24 Jan Patek

Block 24 by Jan Patek.

Jan is a master at applique and so she stitched a cute little house in the middle of her block.

Maybe when I get the pdf I’ll add it to my block too.

These blocks are quick when you already have the fabric choices narrowed down to just a handful.

I can spend a lot of time belaboring that issue!

I also read the first three patterns and cut background strips of each size that I would be needing before I started sewing.

The other nice thing that Moda did was use pieces of the same few sizes.

I keep going back to the 3-1/2″ strip and cutting off a few squares or rectangles.

Then I cut a few more 2″ squares, etc.

This really simplifies the cutting.

Are you really not going to join in the fun?

If you are sewing the blocks, send me your photos and I’ll post them along with mine.

Until next time,


A Quilt Along, My Life

Moda Signature Quilt Along-Day 3

What fun!

Day 3

Day 3’s blocks were easy, and would have been quick, if only I had paid more attention..

Day 3-block 25 Thimble Blossoms

Block 25 by Thimble Blossoms.

If you can tell, the brown fabric is directional and I wanted all of the squares  going the same direction in my block.

If I’d paid closer attention to the placement of the brown squares in relation to the pink/cream half square triangles, I would have saved myself time AND frustration…

The rest of the exercise was great!

 Day 3-block 14 Julie Comstock

Block 14 by Julie Comstock.

I had fun reading Julie & Eric’s post yesterday.

Julie thought her day to post was tomorrow (today), but realized all too quickly in the getting-ready-for-school with their four children that her day was actually N-O-W.

Apparently her block wasn’t even sewn.

Too funny!

I can see that happening to me…

Her block was made lickety-split and by the second time I went to their blog it ready.

Day 3-block 11 Deb Strain

Block 11 by Deb Strain.

I’m having some fun!

Have I enticed you to join me yet???

It’s snowing fiercely here.

This is a view out of my sewing room.

snow day

The flakes are huge!

In about 20 minutes we already have an inch.

We’re supposed to get 3-5 then top it off with some ice, yeah…

A good day to sew don’t you think?

Until next time,


A Quilt Along

Moda Signature Quilt Along Day 2

day 2

Day 2 blocks are complete.

Day2-block 16 Cotton Way

Block 16 by Cotton Way.

Day2-Block 20 Zen Chic Day2

Block 20 by Zen Chic.

Day 2-block 28 Bunny Hill

Block 28 by Bunny Hill.

The instructions for Anne’s baskets tell you to make the handles with your favorite bias method.

I used these,Bias Bars

These bias bars are worth their weight in gold!

I cut and made two short handles of each color instead of cutting one long bias piece.

I didn’t have to cut a long bias chunk out of my 1/2 yard of fabric that way,

and it’s easier to work with two short pieces instead of one long one.

Are you sewing yet???

Until next time,