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Hot Tip Tuesday #7, Cameras as Help

Having a design wall in your sewing room can be a real handy tool to have, but my sewing room does not have enough wall space to devote to one.  I typically use the floor just outside my room to lay out quilts in progress. Since I can only get so far away from the project I’m working on, I use my digital camera and take a photo of my project.  I then look at the project on the monitor of the camera to make decisions.  The photo gives the illusion of standing back from the design.  It’s easier for me to use this perspective to make decisions of fabric choices, border sizes, etc.

For quick decisions, I also use the film camera (no film anymore) just to “stand back”.  Looking through the viewfinder, I can check progress of small aspects of a design, or for choosing quilting thread colors.  If I can’t see detail in this manner, I know I need to step things up a notch.

I hope this helps you with your next decisions!

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