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Moda Signature Quilt Along – Day 8

It seems like I was just here,

but it has been such fun!!!

Day 8

These are the blocks for Day 8.

Day 8-Block 9SandyGervais

Block #9 by Sandy Gervais

I like the added dimension that the pink stripe fabric gave this block.

I decided to turn every other block to change the direction of the stripes.

I couldn’t help but notice that Sandy did not put the cross pieces in her circles, wonder why…

Day 8 block 9 error

There is a mistake in this pattern.

When you go to slice segments off the strip set, you should cut them 1-3/4″ (not 3-3/4″).

Easy mistake, 3-3/4″ is the width of the strip set.

Fortunately I was concentrating when I got to this step.

Not my favorite block in the sewing, but the finished product I think is stunning.

As a tip, I used my walking foot to sew the squares together to finish the block.

The circles are a bit bulky to sew over.

With my regular foot the fabric wanted to slide to the side.

The walking foot sewed right over the bulky portions & kept my seams straight.

Day 8 Minick & Simpson

Block #2 by Minick & Simpson

I sewed this one yesterday on my featherweight machine.

See the accuracy of those points?

 I’m going to keep my featherweight out and use it more often, it was fun!

Day 8-block 23 Pat Sloan

Block #23 by Pat Sloan

This block was easy & fun, my two favorite adverbs when sewing.

I’m accumulating quite a stack of beautiful blocks here.

Until next time,


8 thoughts on “Moda Signature Quilt Along – Day 8”

  1. Don’t be worried! I would also advise using spray sizing or starch on the fabrics before you cut them, and also as you go. This helped with the skinny strips of cream and also for the applique with no fusible web. Good luck!

  2. Sent from Samsung tablet

    Quilting my way through life! wrote:

    Hi Susan

    Do you have a pdf copy of Jan Patek,s block that you could send me? I have tried for hours to dowload one but to no avail. Please, please send me your link? Thanks


    Marj Stevenson


  3. I just forwarded Marj the email from Jan Patek with the files for her block and her applique house. Let me know if anyone else wants me to do the same for them.

  4. it’s been following your blocks love all the color combos. I thought I visited each one, but for some reason I only have 29 blocks, but missing number 21 and number 28, but I also have one numbered 31. Do you happen to have your blocks sorted by number if so can you help me find out where I went wrong with #’s 21 and 28? Thanks in advance.

    1. oops, I found number 28 but now I’m still missing number 21 and 26. Any help from someone?

  5. Can you mail the Sheets of instructions of the quilt that is 30 blocks for this quilt. Please my name is Rose Barnett my address is 8265 Lockman Street winona,Missouri 65588

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