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Moda Signature Quilt Along-Day 4

Moving right along here…

day 4

Day 4 only resulted in two patterns.

Day 4-block 15 Fig Tree Quilts

Block 15 by Fig Tree Quilts.

Day 4-block 24 Jan Patek

Block 24 by Jan Patek.

Jan is a master at applique and so she stitched a cute little house in the middle of her block.

Maybe when I get the pdf I’ll add it to my block too.

These blocks are quick when you already have the fabric choices narrowed down to just a handful.

I can spend a lot of time belaboring that issue!

I also read the first three patterns and cut background strips of each size that I would be needing before I started sewing.

The other nice thing that Moda did was use pieces of the same few sizes.

I keep going back to the 3-1/2″ strip and cutting off a few squares or rectangles.

Then I cut a few more 2″ squares, etc.

This really simplifies the cutting.

Are you really not going to join in the fun?

If you are sewing the blocks, send me your photos and I’ll post them along with mine.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Moda Signature Quilt Along-Day 4”

  1. I am enjoying seeing your blocks and fabric you are using. Can you tell me what Line it is? I know you let us know you had it awhile.

  2. The fabric collection is Charleston IV 1850- 1865 by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Brothers. I bought it at Paducah during the quilt show from a shop in Towanda, Illinois I think. Yes, it has been several years ago. I’ve not gone to Paducah’s last two shows, so I think it was three years ago that I bought it.

    1. Brenda, this post was from February 22, 2013. Try looking at Moda’s site and Jan Patek’s site around those dates. That’s been quite a while ago, but hopefully the information is still there. Good luck!

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